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reapers_tales's Journal

Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
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Under construction.
afterlife, aim, and video games, anime, anti matter, antimatter, aqua reaper, being with frineds, biking, black, black rosses, blood, bloodflower, boots, cemetaries, cemetary, chameleon manta, chinese food, chozo ghosts, chrono trigger, comics, computer games, computers, corsets, cowboy bebop, crystallite, darkness, dead people, death, dirt bikeing, dracula, eating, elite pirate, evil, fire, fission metroid, foamy, foamy the squirrel, galvanic accelerator cannons, germaine, goth, gothic, goths, grapple beam, gravity suit, guns, gunstar heros, halo, hell sing, hentai, horror movies, hunter metroid, ikaruga, ill will press, illwillpress, inuyasha, invader zim, jet set raido, jim carry, kinetic breath weapon, lesbians, life, lots of sex, magmoor caverns, manga, meta ridley, metroid, metroid prime, movies, mystical, neurotically yours, nintendo old school, omega pirate, phazon elite pirate, phazon suit, phendrana drifts, piercings, pinup girls, pinups, playing video games, ps1, ps2, reading, reaper vine, reapers, research lab aether, research lab hydra, resident evil, roleplaying, rot, samus aran, satan, scroll buttons, scythes, sephiroth, sesmic charges, sex, shadow pirate, shiva, sleeping, snowboarding, sonic boom, sonic charge, souls, space jump boots, space pirate, strongbad, suicide, tank girl, techno, the matrix, time travel, trigun, true metroid prime, ultrathermal flamestrike projector, vampire hunter d, vampires, video games, vlad the impaler, weapons, women, yuri, zebes