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Stories written by DarkReaperOmega. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.

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part of my dream/story will finish it later [Jun. 28th, 2007|04:21 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The sky blazed brightly as I stood on the hill. I leaned against a tree to regain my breath. It was all done, everything had been destroyed,every one killed. I laughed to my self as I watched. This had not been my plan, this had not been how it was supoused to end. I sensed a presence behind me. I saw a shadowy figure seem to materalize out of no where.

"What do you mean this wasn't supoused to happen you had it planned from the beginging. You always sow destruction no matter where you go. You Omega for a reason, your the last any one wants to deal with. Its why you will never be happy, Its why every one will eave you bleeding, but you don't die. You CAN'T die. You are nothing but an miserable excuse for a human. What bare humanity you got." The shadowy figure chuckled at me lighty as he spoke.

I was suprised when the figure spoke. I had no idea who or what It was or how It knew me. "And who might you be?"

"You know exactly who I am. After all you created me." As he spoke he split into two.
"Or mabye this face suits you a little more?" As It came out of the shadow I knew who it was. It was Hunter, at least how i had always imagined hunter looking

"The shadowy figure spoke again. " Or mabye you prefer some one a little more bloodthirsty." The shadowy figure split again. This time Denomolous stepped forward.

"You always wanted to die or be killed by the people you loved but you never did." I watched as Denomollous walked around to my back.

The shadowy figure walked closer to me. "Whats wrong? Don't like all your characters comming out like this?" As he spoke two more forms split off. That would make them Omega and Vincent.

I spoke as I watched every one split off. "Whats the point in showing me all of this? You are all figments of my imagination so why should I even bother with you."

Omega stepped forward and spoke. "Cause its us your running from."
Vincent spoke after him. "Its us your trying to get rid of."
Denomollous chimed in. "Were all the people you created to be."
Hunter spoke after him." Were all you want to be."
The shadow spoke "You see you created every one here to deal with your problems. Cause you couldn't deal with them on your own."

I continued to lean against the tree as they spoke. "Once again you fail to mention a point. So I am insane, I mean after all here i am having of 4 of my best characters tell me so but the question is who are you?"

The shadow figure turned his back on me. "Do you really wanna know?"

A chilld went down my spine as it asked. "I asked didn't I?"

As the shadow turned around what I saw sent a dagger straight through my chest. It was me. "Don't look so suprised. You knew exactly who i was. I'm you at least the you you want to be. The one that has all the friends. Isn't insane and hated by every one hes ever loved. The one who dosen't bring out the worst in every one." As he spoke he walked up to me. "You ruined everthing for your self and when you lost one thing you made sure you lost everything."

I wasn't going to stand there and take all this from a figment of my imagintion. " Thats not true, I lost things sure but I tried to keep the other things I hadn't lost, I-"

He cut me off before i was even done speaking. " Who do you think your lying to?" As he raised his hand an envelope appeared in his hand. "Now I supouse your gonna try and tell me you don't know what this is." I said nothing as I started at the envelop. " Ah so you do recognize this. The final letter from--"

"From Darkness...."

He laughed as I spoke." Darkness, Phoenix, Anna, What ever name you call her. This is her final letter to you. The one she sent five days ago before you decided to destroy everything."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "The words in that letter are a lie. When she wrote them they might have been true but once i actually got them they weren't."

Hunter spoke this time. "And how do you know that. How do you know thoses words don't still hold true. What changed in thoses five days?"

"Words were exchanged in those five days hurtful words so of course there not true now. She never wanted to see me again. She said so herself." I couldn't let them know they were getting to me I knew thoses words were a lie.

Denomollous stepped forward." You said words you KNEW would hurt. In fact you TRIED to hurt her, you caused what happened in that five days by telling yet more lies."

I felt a pain in my chest. "I told more lies to try and keep her, they never knew that what i was telling them to do to her is what i ment. I wnated her to belive that i loved her and i knew she wouldn't belive it from me."

Vincent stepped up. "More lies, she belived you and you knew it, but you continued any way."
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prequel to the last knight standing [Jun. 23rd, 2007|06:31 am]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
As I followed behind the two guards into the main chamber I could only wonder as to why I was being led here. The guards kept looking back at me nervously as if waiting for me to make a move, but none would come. I was the leader of the Omega Knights I was THE Omega Knight. To arrest me was to convict me of something serious. But An Omega night never went against his queen. My thoughts were interupted as the large doors of the main audience chamber swung open. Soon it all made sense. As i walked in I saw my Queen along with the commanders of her other squads and her Advisor. Phoenix on the left with her long red hair flowing proudly as she glared at me with eyes filled with hate. Siren With looks that would make any battle hardened vetern lay down his sword, with her musical voice and long green hair flowing down her back, i was actualyl suprised to see her in the same room as Phoenix. The third would be Duchess, Not named so for her rank bu tit was said she was like a queen on the battle feild regal in manor even when she was killin gher eneimies. Her eyes also looked upon me with hate and discontent. Which left one other person. The queens adviasor. No one knew her real name. No one except me and the queen of course. Darkness was what ever one called her. She was the queens brilliant tactician and most trusted advisor. Her strategies had lain waste to several countries. Dressed as always in her dark robes and long flowing black hair just barely off the ground. Her dark eyes glowered at me with such ferocity that it sent a chill down my spine. As we walked inot the chamber I stopped in the middle and Kneeled before my queen. The guards followed suit untill the Queen waived her hand dissmissing them. They backed away slowly and closed the huge doors behind them.

I spoke softly but clearly. "My queen has summoned for me?" I remained kneeling untill given the signal to rise at which time I did.

The queen spoke with a bueatiful yet commanding voice. "It has been brought to my attention that you have been working to your own means, and NOT serving me."

I looked over at Phoenix and Darkness, Only they would have spread such things. "My loyalties are to my Queen and to my Queen only. I am the shield against her enemies attack and the sword that shall strike them down." The same redderick that you were taught from the day you entered the gaurdsmen.

"Then tell me why it is said that you are recruiting to your own purpouses?" she looked straight into my eyes.

"What proof do you have of such things." I knew I was treading on dangerous territory questioning the queen but she did not seem insulted by it. Phoenix on the other hand was enraged.

"You dare question the Queen you traitorus bastard." I could see the hate in Phoenix's eyes. Dealing with her had always been like playing with fire. The fire in her eyes almost seemed to manifest itself on my skin.

The Queen silenced her with a gesture. " He says the claims made against him are not true I will give him a chance to explain himself." Her gaze turned back towards me.

My gaze did not faulter as I answered. " I have no way to disprove what has been said. I have takin a personal hand in teh recuiting to ensure the kingdoms protection. As far as using them to my own extent I use them to protect my queen and attack her enemies only."

The queen looked almost sad as she spoke. "If you cannot prove your aligations false then i have no choice but to sentence you to death for treason."

It was then Darkness did something that surprised me." Wait my Queen do not be so hasty. After all he is a commander of your highnesses most decorated squads. And as written in the codex. 'The only means for which a commander of one of the queens knights can be sentenced to death is by a majority vote by the other commanders.'"

The Queen looked hopeful for a second." Then let us put it to a vote. Darkness how do you see him?"

Darkness glared and smirked a little as she spoke "He is of course NOT guilty of the crimes." I stood there stunned as I heard her words. If darkness pleaded not guilty then with Siren and Duchess on my side I would not be sentenced to death.

The Queen looked suprised but continued " Duchess how do you find him?"

I watched Duchess' face contort as she spoke." He is GUILTY of all of it." The words almost seem hissed out of her mouth, but how? She had always been by his side through thick and thin..... Unless, I feared the worst from the remianing verdicts.

The queen turned to Siren. "How do you find him?"

You could see all the rage of the sea in her eyes. " He is of course guilty" I knew what was going on. I had been set up and betrayed.

The queen seemed almost surprised she knew of my history with Siren and Duchess. She turned to at last Phoenix." Lady Phoenix how do you find him?"

Phoenix ingored the queen and walked over to me looking me up and down. I knew what was comming I knew exactly what was going on and why. I felt her breath as she spoke softly into my ear and it sent shivers down my spine. "You should have learned your place when you had the chance. Mabye next time you will belive what they say about a woman scorned. I will enjoy this very much, and ho woh so easy it was to turn all your so called friends against you." She smiled as she walked away and then spoke to every one. " HE IS GUILTY!"

I made no move as the Queen spoke. "Omega Knight leader, You have been found guilty of treason for which there is only one outcome. Death. Let it here be Known that All the Omega Knights shall be hereby exterminated in suspicion of treason as well. Guards take him away." As she turned away I saw the looks on Duchesses and Sirens face. They had not expected that they had jsut expected me to die for what they were told I had done.

It was Siren who spoke first. "My Queen don't you think that is harsh. He acted Independantly we cannot wipe out the entire Omega Knight Brotherhood. He is found guilty of treason his troops have nothing to do with this."

The queen continued walking as Siren spoke and it was darkness who stoped her. "As it is written in the codex. Any Commander of Any squad found guilty of treason will be put to death and all his subordinates shall be put to death as well to prevent uprising." As she closed the book she sneered at Duchess and Siren. " You should've known your codex rules Before you sentenced him and all his followers to there death."

I watched as duchess ran up to me as the guards went to drag me away. " I am sorry I didn't want this to happen I didn't know it would--"

I cut her off before she could finish. " You knew exactly what woul dhappen when you trusted Darkness and Phoenix. And no wyou will have to live with the deaths of innocent men on your souls." I looked at Phoenix as I spoke. "You all will." As the guards took me down the hall I saw the stunned expression of Duchess and Siren and the victory flares of Darkness and Phoenix. I knew this day would come I knew neither of them were to ever be trusted with secrets or being told any thing. Women scored are so predictable its laughable. The guards looked at me as I started to laugh. "How old are you soldier?"

One guard answered shakily " I am 24 sir"

The other guard seemed jsut as nervous " 23 sir"

"You both have wives?" I saw them nod as I asked. " Good I am glad to hear that." As I spoke I made my move. I ducked low and caught the first guard in the solar plexus befure turning and kicking the other one in his leg buckling his knee. " I mean you both no harm but I will not be dying today. I know you will sound the alarm and I hope that you do but I will not have my brothers killed." As i finished speaking I ran down the hall. I needed to get to the others quick. We had all been prepared for this eventuallity. Every Omega commander was. As I found a young squire of an Omega Knight I stopped him. "Who is your night boy?"

The lad seemed shakey " Theta, sir"

I spoke quickly. "Go and tell him that its time to Enact the Omega Codex. He will know what he means. Tell any other omega knight you see but be quick boy, and then get yoru self to a safe place." I continued down the hall as I watched the Squire run quickly. I could only hope he got to all them in time, But now was not the time to worry about that I had to get gone. I Found my horse and and hopped on him quickly. I would have to leave my sword and armor behind but I could make new ones. As I charged out of the castle and down into the town below I saw other horses already moving out of the town limits. Good they had gotten the signal. I hate the fact that they had to leave there wives,sons,brothers and other family members behind But the codex called for all of them to be killed. And every Omega Knight knew that Phoenix and Darkness would be trouble. The codex would protect the women and children unless things got really out of hand. It would be years before they could come back if ever. But I knew that I would never be able to come back, but that didn't matter. Phoenix had finally made her move to destroy me and had turned every one agasint me, but thats ok i would have my revenge , I would not go down without a fight
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written for two people who i will never see again [Jun. 17th, 2007|06:07 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The words started to blur together on the screen as I rubbed my eyes. I leaned back in my chair, feeling my back crack a couple of times. Man these stories started to all run together. As I looked around my dusty apartment the only things that caught my eyes were the framed awards on my wall. None of them even had my name on them. They all had Vincents since every one thought he was the great writer behind my stories. Why? cause i didn't want to be famous I wrote my stories cause I enjoyed doing it. Pultzer prizes and various other awards. All meaningless, the real meaning of my stories were lost. Each found there own meanings in my stories there own salvation. Bah fucking weirdos. As I turned back to continue typing on my computer I heard a sound behind me. I ingored it and continued typing. it was probably a pile of books collasping some where or laundry. god only knows my apartment wasn't clean.

"It seems your cleaning habits haven't changed much" i heard a female voice behind me, it sent chills down my spine as i recognized it.

Turning around quickly what I saw was a impossibility The tall pure white woman long red hair and the most bueaitful green eyes i've ever remeber seeing. I almost mistook her cloak was wings on her back. White wings with red tips, that could only mean one person. "hello liquid."

Her eye brow arched as she looked at me. "liquid? have you forgotten my real name." she started to move closer to me.

I ingored her and turned around continuing to type my stories. "Yeah you expect me to belive your her. Never mind you look exactly the same as liquid. You are nothing more than a ilussian brought on by my lack of sleep for the past week."

"You never were ameanable to company" I could sense her behind me walking around.

"Well considering if you are who you claim to be I have no reason to be nice to you any how considering what you put me through" i tried to focus on my writings so she would leave me alone

"I know and I apologize for that. It was wrong what i did but why can't you forgive me for that." I turned to loko at her and I remebered what it was about her I had loved. She was still bueaitful even though I knew she was dead.

"Cause your not sorry and even if you are. Will it bring you back? Will it turn time back the 5 years ago when you were alive? Would it make you decide to trust me and tell me you were pregnant, but no you took it upon your self to deal wiht it your self not evne trusting in me or my love for you to help you." This was wearing on my patience. For an halucination she was pissing me off. It was then I heard a knock at my door. As I got up to answer it "liquid" didn't even move nor dissapear. When I opened the door I was suprised yet again. This couldn't be and wouldn't be. " Great another halucination." I didn't feel like dealing with it as I closed the door and walked back into my apartment. I heard the door open and close again behind me.

The woman that walked through it was trouble in every sense of the word. She was dressed in normal clothing which was odd casue she never was in my stories. Her long brown hair feel as she took her pin out. I listened to her knee high boots click on the hard wood floor of my apartment. She was dressed in all black from the shirt to the skirt she wore. As she stopped beside my computer while i sat down she crossed her arms." Ya know thats not a very good way to treat some one you haven't spoken to in 3 years."I could hear the annoyance in her voice.

I stopped typing again and looked at her. "What do you want Darkness? Or are you Phoenix today? I could never keep yoru personalities together. ones always in one story and the others in another. I supouse eventually I will put them both in one story." Liquid said nothing but I saw her silently watching.

She looked at me oddly. "Darkness? Phoenix? Its been that long and you still remeber thoses names. Do you even remember my real namy any more?" I saw her chewing on her lip.

I laughed unexpectedly as I continued typing. " What real name you've always been one of thoses two. The characters of my stories don't have real names and your jsut an halucination just like her so why am i listenining to you? Much less caring?" As I spoke i motioned to liquid. I saw liquid look up surprised/

"Shes not a halucination shes real." I saw liquid start to chew on her lip to. "She can't see me"

"Who are you talking about theres no one else here." I saw her looking around confused.

I looked at liquid oddly " So my halucinations can't see each other. Some how thats ironic." I watched liquid shrug and sigh befor egoing silent again.

" I don't even know why I botherd comming by." I could hear phoenix head towards my door.

"Leaving so soon you jsut started to haunt me. Quiet frankly I can't belive your here either seeing as if you wanna continue with this little charade the last time we spoke you told me you wanted nothing to do with me. Cause of course I wouldn't bend to your will so you didn't want me." I continued typing but didn't hear my door open.

"Thats not true and you know it. I gave you a choice and you chose her." I could hear the hurt in her vocie.

i shruged her off and continued typing. " You gave me an unfair choice you gave me a choice between a woman who was actually treating me well over a woman who woudln't let me see her cause she didn't give me the benifit that I would stay with her. A woman who had no faith in me and never belived a word I said."

" Thats not true I--" I cut her off before she could finish

"Don't give me that shit every thing you ever said was a lie. You told me you would never make me choose between my friends and you. And you did it again not even 3 months later. You think your so hurt and dejected. HA the only reason you stayed around was so you could try to trap me and then try and make me feel as bad as you claim to have. You were nothing but a bitter woman who could love no one. You can't even trust some one enough to love them." My anger was rising. I didn't have time for this they were distracting me from my work. " You are no differnt from Liquid. You trust no one and you know what you would probably end up the same way as she did." I stopped typing for a second and looked deep into her eyes. I coul dsee them welling up.

"Is that what you think? You think I couldn't even possibly love you. You think I am gonna kill my self over you? You think so highly of your self. Your not worth my life." I could hear the trembling in her voice.

"Not worth your life huh? I'm not worth any thing aprently I am not even worth time or waiting. I'm not worth patience or even understanding isn't that correct?" I stood up and walked to her. There was obvious anger in my voice and I could see her shaking as I walked towards her. " I was never worth much to you, and that was the problem. You left me for dead on more than one occasion. you lied and said you wanted me happy, and when I found a woman who would tie me over untill I could get to you, But you didn't care you wanted me as miserable as you. Thats all you've ever wanted you wanted you happy you wanted to make sure YOU were happy YOU were safe. So when ever I was content with my life untill I could be happy with you, but its ok I got over it and I don't care. Though I don't know why I am halucinating about it if I didn't care."

I watched as she tried to fight back tears. I could see them in her eyes and at that point I couldn't care less. In my mind it was time for her to felt how I did. Fell the despair of trying and every thing being hopeless. Though hwat did she care she was a figment of my underrested imagination. " Is that what you think? You think you never mattered to me. So then what were all the tears I cried. All the nights i felt alone and upset cause you were with some other woman. Some other woman was where I was supoused to be. I told you I loved you i gave you the choice and you never chose me not even once."

I laughed at her and her eyes welled up more. " Ya know I seem to remeber you saying you would wait for me....... and how long did that last? Not even a week the week after you said it you tried to make me choose and then ran away calling me a bastard yet again. Once again saying that *I* didn't care when it was you who didn't care. Cause you can't make up your mind." I could feel myself gettign depressed I didn't want to deal with this any more. I supouse I should have stayed on my meds. I looked over at the knife on my desk and considered playing with it.

She turned around and I could hear her crying. " You still convinced I am a halucination? You still can't even call me by my real name. I haven't talked to you in 3 years and you are still mad at me for a descision I made then. I am still waiting for you. Ive been waiting for you I---" She stopped as she turned back around and saw me pick up the knife.

"Ya know I was gonna wait on this untill I finished the story I was writing, but seeing as my mind wants to guilt trip me i guess we could just do this now." I saw liquids face assume a suprised look as she spoke.

"Don't do this don't make the same mistake I did. She loves you just trust her enough to be with her." She looked worried as i flipped the knife around.

"ha ha you expect me to take advice from you? From the woman who took my heart and killed her self effectivly killing my heart at the same time. What do you even CARE you didn't care about me then to stay with me now you want me to stick around for a woman who cares about me about as little if not LESS than you did." I didn't want to deal with this any more. It was to much, expescially after the nightmares I had had the last time I slept.

"Who are you talking to? What are you doing with that knife." Phoenix looked really worried as I flicked it over time and time again.

"You can't judge her for what I did. She dosen't deserve that. She dosen't deserve to pay for my mistake." Liquid looking pleadingly at me.

"She dosen't deserve any thing from me. Shes done nothing but lie to me. Change her mind at the drop of a hat. Not to mention leave me pretty much for dead. Besides shes a figment just like you are and I will prove it." As I finished speaking I flicked my knife around and forced it into my chest. I felt nothing as it peirced my heart and stuck out my back. The pain didn't come until I twisted it in my chest. I heard phoenix's piercing scream and felt the pain as I hit the floor. I could fel my life draining out of my body. I watched Phoenix reach in her coat and grabed a phone. HAHA was she calling 911? No one would show up. Funny halucinations she seemed so real. She even felt warm as she kneed down and put my head in her lap. She tried to stay on the phone as she spoke to me.

"Please don't die. I never wnated this to happen. I only came by to let you know I read all your stories and that I was sorry." Her tears felt warm and the ran down my bloddy face. A minor film of blood covered my mouth.

I spoke softly as I stroked her face. " An halucination to the end, No one else to tell so I will tell you. I love you Anna, I always did, but I am sorry I was never what you wanted." I turned to liquid. " I supouse I will see you soon. No I won't see you, I'm going to hell and I know you were my angel. I loved you to and I am sorry I couldn't save you." I could feel my life draining. I watched as my door flew open and paramedics stormed in. I wonder how they had gotten there.

I felt weird as I stood up and watched every thing happen. The paramedics removed the knife and shook there head as the blood poored out of my chest. I must be dead seeing as I was laying on the floor. As I turned and looked liquid was still there. "You knew this was gonna happen didn't you. Thats why you showed up, to try and stop me."

Liquid spoke softly. " I tried to contact you in your dreams many times. Yes I knew this was gonna happen, I tried to warn you and prevent it. I knew you would have been happy with her had you lived, and I just wanted you happy."

I looked at Phoenixs no, Annas face. I could see the tears as clear as day and I was not alive to wipe them away. It didn't matter she would be better off without me, every one was. "So what you tried to use her as your replacement. You took your self out of the picutre and then tried to get someone else to fill your shoes. Don't do me any favors. You wussed out and couldn't live with me you could have just went home but you decided to die. I didn't even get a note or any thing. You had no faith in my just like she dosen't."

I saw liquids eyes start to well up. " Does that mean I loved you any less? Does it look like she does? Thoses are real tears shes crying for you. She had said she would waited for you and even forgave you lying to her. She was willing to be your friend even though it hurt her that you were with another woman."

She had a point."She will forget me soon enough she always does. She will go off and do her job and be happy. Shes always been happyer without me."

liquid stared in horror as chains started to wrap around me and a red flair came from the floor. "No this can't be the end you can't be leaving already."

I looked around at the chains." Ah the chains of hell. Since I killed my self its where I am headed. You got off lucky since you died with child birth. I hope you and Vincent are happy in heaven. Tell him I love him and you know I love you...... Erin" I watched as she tried to take the chains off of me but more just wrapped around me and started pulling me down into the floor.

Erin fought with the chains screaming and crying. " NO I won't let them take you I won't be separated from you again." She tore at the chains but it didn't help.

I pushed her back as the last of the chains wrapped around me. " Its what I deserve I was never ment to be happy not with you not with Anna and its what I deserve. Its funny she always want to be just friends but I couldn't have been friends with her any more than I could have with you if we had broken up and you had lived. I couldn't handle seeing her or you with any other man it would have driven me insane so essentially it was all or nothing, but its ok. She will get over me and you will be fine in heaven without me--"The last of what I said wasn't heard as I was dragged down to hell. It was what I had deserved. The darkness surrounded me and I could hear nor see any thing. I guess I should settle in for the touture of my life. It couldn't be any worse then the loves I had let slipped away. "DO YOU WORST TO ME SATAN. I HAVE LOVED AND LOST TWO WOMEN IN MY LIFE. Any thing you got cannot compare to that." I felt an ominous pressence and every thing got even darker. I guess it was time for my eternity.............................
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don't ask [Jun. 17th, 2007|02:48 am]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
Sometimes, when i look up at the sky and smell the air before a storm, i can still feel you next to me. If i close my eyes and let the biting autumn wind whip through my hair, sometimes i can still feel your arms come around my waist, your breath against my neck.I live for these moments.
Sometimes, i still believe you're here.
After all this time, you'd think i would have stopped listening for your footsteps, stopped catching your smell on my clothes. I thought maybe with time, I'd miss you less. I was wrong. I thought maybe with time, i could swallow the guilty grief. I was wrong.
It has been one full year to the day since you looked around you one last time, cursed yourself, and took your life. One Year since the fire in my heart went out. One year since i died but kept on breathing.
I wonder if you knew i wanted to help you, that you were the love of my life, that i'd have died rather than see you hurting.
I suppose it doesnt matter now.
God, I want to follow you. It haunts me, sly caresses of temptation and defiance, flickering against the edges of my mind. Sometimes the love for you, and the despair of being alone, rises up so strong in my heart that i almost have the courage to do it.
But I'm a coward.
So i stand here in the night, on a treacherous precipice. I look down at the sea that you so willingly gave yourself over to. It looks so calm now, so unassuming. You would never guess it was a murderer. But it still draws me. A single red rose falls from my hand and spirals gently to rest on the surface of the waves, followed by a drop of my blood spilled from a thorn, and a single tear.
I miss you.
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2007|03:47 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
As Vincent read the information scrolling across his visor he couldn't belive what he was reading. It had all been a setup, she had played him well. The attacks on her life were only to draw him out. She had never forgiven him for the past and now she was trying to kill him. Vincent had expected as much, over the past couple of weeks her attitude had changed. He figured its cause she knew who he was, but it was cause her attempts to kill him had failed miserably. As he suited up his screen scrolled across with new orders. Orders he was all to happy to carry out. Vincent lept from roof top to roof top heading towards Phoenix's last known location. He stopped as he looked at the building she was in.

"Just great" he thought. He rocognized the building..... it was the Omnicon building. Known to be a good fortress to any hunter to get in, But he was not just any hunter. He was a level S hunter and a really pissed off one. As he climbed up the side of the building towards the roof he though about all the entry points in. In the back of his mind he thought about all the things he had gone through for this woman, which only seem to piss him off more. As he got to the top he found no guards no alarms nothing, which of course he didn't trust. As he looked around he found two air vents leading off the roof. Vincent opened a compartment and took out two silver balls which he clicked together before dropping into the vents.

"That should keep any persuers busy if they shoudl try to follow." He thought for a minmute and pressed his helm link. "Any flyers around here this is Hunter Omega looking for any flyers in the area."

He heard a voice come back after a couple minutes. "Hunter omega this is Flyer Reaper. What time you need a pick up and where Hunter?"

Vincent knew of the Reaper flyer he was one of the best pilots the Hunters had. HE would be perfect for this. " Good to hear from you Reaper. Got a fun job if your up to it. I'm going into the omnicon building for an extract and exterminate, i'm going to be comming out hot and gonna need an immediate pickup."

The line was silent for a second before some laughter came across " The omnicon building hell sound liek fun. ETA?"

Vincent grinned as he answerd. " 30 minutes starting..... Now" As he spoke Vincent went through the doors of the roof heading down. If she was here she would be in the Ceo's room. She always did have a thing for men with power. vincent silently took out a few guards on his way down. This was nothing like it should have been he knew there should be WAY more guards here, Which ment a trap. As he made it down to the 90th floor he found the signal getting stronger. She was in the Ceo's room. As he kicked in the door he was not shocked to find her there with another man.

" Ah the almighty---' The man started to speak but Vincent didn't want to listen as he took out his gun and shot the man in the head. The shocked look across Phoenix's face was priceless.

"Oh i'm sorry was I supoused to let him speak before saving you?" As far as she knew he was there to save her still, she could not yet be aware of his new orders.

"V-v-vincet! your here you made it thank god!" She exclimated as she ran towards him. He aimed his pistol at her head. " Vincent what are you doing?!" As he moved towards her he gave her a quick punch in the stomache making he rlose conciousness. It was jsut in time to as he slung her over his shoulder guards burst into the room heavely armed and ready to stop him. He dashed back out the room and headed up the stairs towards the roof. He could hear waht had to be the entire buildings guard patrol behind him trying to catch him.

"This is just not your lucky day guys" he said to him self as he hit the roof and pressed a button on his arm. The two silver balls he ad thrown earlyer detonated sending a wave of fire through teh vntilation and up out of the stair case. The screams of lots of guards could be heard all across town. "Reaper you ready?" The sound of blades came across the night sky as the black as midnight Reaper flyer hovered into veiw. Vincent ran quickly and tossed Phoenix's limp body into the flyer. "Lets get the hell out of here Reaper and do a little collateral damage while your at it."

"Can do Omega." The pilot said over the intercom as he took off and headed for open sky. All of a sudden the Flyer turned and a reflection of the pilots grin could be seen as he armed his missles. Two loud hisses could be heard as the missles shot from teh flyer goin gstraight towards there mark being the building. The explosions were loud as th epilot turned the flyer back around and was off into the dark night.

Vincent woke Phoenix up slowly and looked into her eyes as sh elooked up at him. " What was that for?!"

Vincent remaind calm as he spoke to her. " You have exactly 1 minute to explain why i shouldn't carry out this order." As he spoke he backed up from her and stood up.

Phoenix's eyes looked terrifyed as she spoke " What are you talking about Vincent your orders are to protect me to find out whos trying to kill me...."

Vincent laughed " Not any more there not I know every thing Phoenix so try not to lie to much. I know thats hard for you being the deceptive witch you are but do remeber I have a short patience with peopel who try to have me killed."

Phoenix slowly stood up as she spoke. " I've never tried to have you killed I lov---" She didn't get to finish the rest of her sentece as Vincent pulled out his gun and shot her in the head. The round had gone clean through leaving only a little dot on her forhead.

"And here I thought I said no lies." he spoke as the corspe started to fall backwards. " I did you one last favor and didn't mess up your bueatiful face but the fall might do it." As he finished talking he kicked the body out the open hatch watching it fall into the dark depths of the city. As he turned and closed the hatch , he sat down and holstered his gun. He heard a voice come over his helm com.

"Where to hunter?" it was the pilots voice.

"Take me back to headquarters Pilot. This mission is over." As he slouched into his seat he wondered about the past few months. They had all been lies. It was nothing new ever woman he had ever known had been a liar. It was nothing new just another lesson in not to trust women. He laughed to himself. Sometimes he loved his job............................
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wrote this couple weeks ago. but after some reading i figured i would finish it tonite [May. 20th, 2007|05:25 am]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The wind howled across the empty coutyard. It was a bueatiful evening as teh sun set off in the distance. The sun glinted of thousands of armored soldies as they drew to a halt.. A lone armored knight stood at the entrance to the large mansion. In the distance the knight could see seven standing figures. The knight knew who they were he figured they would have been after him eventually. He watched as one walked forward.

"Omega Knight! You have been charged with conspirace agasint the Queen of Order, for which the penatly is death. How do you plead?"

"So she only sent a thousand soldiers after me and the seven of you. Does she really underestimate me so much?" The knight spoke with athourity. He knew the men he would be facing. Most of them he had trained from lads, but that didn;t matter they had chosen there sides and now they would have to abide by it. " The queen is not fit to lead, I will not sit idly by and be used for her foul plots."

The messeneger who spoke was a woman. He knew it had to have been commander Pheonix. The only woman who had ever dared rise agasint him. That would make the others, Siren, Roux, The duchess, Eylendria, Liquid, and Iderah. The queens personal body guards other wise known as the Order. "I figured that would be your answer. Then it paines me to have to retire one of our brothers."

The knight laughed and his voice boomed acrossed the plains. "Regret? You don't even know what the word means. You've been waiting for this since the day you joined the Order."

He could see her visibily stiffen. Her eyes went red with rage. " The so be it. On this night I shall drink wine from your skull."

He laughed once again as he unsheathed his sword. It's black metal glinting in the fading sunlight. " If you think you can kill me you are more than welcome to try" He watched as the waves of soldies started to charge into the villa. The knight moved quickly as if the weight of his black armor was nothing. The first set of soldiers. There swords clinked of his shield as his blade cut deep into there bodies. First one and then two soon the ground started to run hot with the blood of soldiers. The oslaught was endless as he fought his way out of the coutyard. The battle halted for a second as soldiers surrounded the knight.

"Do you really think you can take us all sir? After all you trained us." He heard one soldier ask him as they paced around him.

"I also trained you to stand up for what you belive in. Do you belive your Queen is just?" He gritted through his teeth as he waited for his opening.

"I do not doubt my Queen. I am her weapon and her shield with which she can slay our enemies and protect our lands!" As he screamed his military moto he chared straight at the knight. The others watched and waited for there moment as the two battle briefly. As the knight swung down to slice at the bold soldier two more came at his back. His shield came up to block both but not before a pikeman thrusted forward into his ribs. The spear dug deep and snapped of as the knight turned and stabbed teh pike man in the neck. The other soldiers took this as there chance to attack. The clangs and scrapes of metal on metal were deafining in teh quiet sounds of the dusk. More soldiers moved in to attack sensing there chance to attack. As the soldies moves in the knights sword was a blur of speed striking down all in his path.

"Hmmm look at that hes actually breaking through" Phoenix mumbled to herself. " It matters not he will die this night" The others chuckled to themselves. They watched as the sparks flew and the knight came closer and closer. They watched as he went down to one knee as another pike caught him in the back. He turned quickly and cut the pikemans legs out from under him. The knights armor was now dented and scratched, battered and torn. The soldiers kept comming but the knight knew the only way thtis would end was if he got to Phoenix. He felt daggers arrows and more pikes perice his skin. He didn't care as he struck down every one in his path. They had lost more than there share of soldiers. He was an Omega Knight he would not fail. The soldiers tried one last ploy as they all lept on him bogging him down with limbs and bodies. Phoenix looked pleased for a momment as she saw four soldiers stab in the mess of bies with there swords, But she would be greatly dissapointed as teh pile of bodies quaked and exploded sending bodies every where. as the knight charged the 7 women all the other soldiers were to stunned to move. Even with swords pikes and arrows in his body he still moved quickly. As he got close to Phoenix th eknight positioned his sword to stab straight through her. As Phoenix stared to draw her sword Duchess and Roux were faster drawing there twin blades and moving to the back of knight plunging them in deep. The kngihts stride did not even slow as he continued towards Phoenix. Elyndiras bow was in her hand as she shot of a multitude of arrows peircing th eknights chest in perfect perscision. The knight's steps did not faulter as he continued. Phoenix pulled her sword out preparing her self for what seemed liek the inevitable attack. He was nigh 5 feet from her as he started to thrust forward. Iderah and and Liquid dodging one down and one up, drawing there swords to stab th eknight in the shoulde rand one upwards in the chest. The night stuted and fell down to one knee.

The night coughed up blood as he looked up into Phoenix's eyes though the slit in his visor. "You may think you serve teh greater good but you don't. Your queen has lied to you and you will regret this once you realize that."

Phoenix leaned in close as she whispered in the knights ear. "I know what the queen has planned. I helped her figure it out. Truth be told she hasn't evne ordered this. I wanted to personally come watch you die. The invincible commander of the Omega knights finaly brought to his knees below his better. You cannot win against me the Phoenix never dies. The Phoenix is eternal." As she spoke she drew her sword back. "You know what they say. Beware of a woman in love scorned" The blade came down across teh kngihts neck. As his head rolled on teh ground the other commanders looked at Phoenix. She looked at her sword holding it up so it glinted in the sun. Her face was covered in his blood and she seemed delighted in it. She rubed the blade on some of the knights inner clothing. She turned to her troops "Lets go we are done here. Grab the equipment from the dead we have work to do for our queen." The soldiers looked skeptical but moved quickly lest they suffer the same fate.......

The knight felt disorentated as he remeber the last thing being seeing Phoenix's enraged eyes. As he looked around he couldn't feel any thing. He had assumed he died. As he watched Phoenix walkaway he felt a pain. He had known it would end this way, but his legacy would live on. She didn't know it but he had trained another. He would be nothing more than a shadow and he would jsut watch what happened. he thoguht for a second, Or did he have to remain a shadow......
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Lonly vampire [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:16 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The bells struck midnight as a woman frantically pushed through Long halls to a room far back in the house. The outside was quiet and calm as the full moon lit up the dark halls of the mansion. As the woman pushed open two large doors she stopped and waited as the scene of gore in front of her continued. There was a thud as the man in the middle of the room dropped a woman he had been feeding on, as his face reverted to human again he turned around and wiped his mouth of.

"Why do you disturb my feeding felicia" He spoke with a calm voice but the annoyence of being intruded upon was evident.

" I'm sorry lord Denomollus. There is a caller at the door, she says you will want to speak to her" The maid was slightly scared as she knew it was fatal to interupt his feedings.

Denomollus sighed as he answer "That will no doubt be lady Phoenix. Show her to the library and i will meet her there" He turned back around to finish cleanning and spoke before Felicia left. " Have one of the maids clean this up" He nodded to the women on the floor.

She bowed gracfully as she backed out " Yes lord Denomollous" She turned around and headed back to the front door.

Denomollous slid his long arms into his coat as he walked towards his laibrary. " Why would Phoenix be visiting me after all these years. God that woman is infernal for a human. " He spoke to no one in particular. The doors to the library fly open as he walks in and pours himself a drink. No sooner than he had finished pouring his drink the doors opened again anda tall thin woman in a hooded cloak walked in.

The voice was soft and seductive. " Sir Denomollous, my you seem to be doing well." She walked in and handed her coat to the maid at hand.

He turned and looked at Phoenix with his misty gray eyes. " Its actually lord now.... Drink?" He grabbed another glass as he spoke.

Her long red/ orange hair fell out as she undid the tie on it. " Lord denomollous is it? Yes i think i will have a drink."

Denomollous handed her a drink and offered her a seat as he sat down in a chair. " So to what do i owe the pleasure of your visit? I can assume its not a courtsy call?"

Phoenix sat in a chair adjacent to denomollous and smoothed out her dress. "Actually i was in the area and decided to stop by here. I had not seen you in a while and figured i would stop in. You always were a bit of a night creature. She sipped her drink leaving a slight lip stick kiss on the glass. Her lips were always as red as her hair.

Denomollous arched his eye brow. " At the middle of night. I'm sure..... Care for a walk?" He guestured outside to the courty yard.

Phoenix sat down her glass and stood up "Why not it is such a bueatiful night outside." Denomollous stood and offered his arm to phoenix as sh estood up. " Still the gentalmen i see." The night air was cold on her skin yet she didn't mind. As she looked up into the star filled sky she wondered why was she here.

Denomolous felt nothing of the cold air, his body always being cold. He wondered why phoenix had decided to visit him on such a night and so late but knew she would not tell him even if he asked. "So work at the Order still going well?"

The question took her offguard " Y-yes, the Order is doing well and so am I. Its the same as always paper work adn more paperwork." She looked up at the sky and almost felt liek she was jsut wandering off.

Denomollous lookd down at th ewoman attached to his arm, Her long red and orange hair had always made peopel use her last name of Phoenix. Her green eyes some times shifted to red and even blue when her moods changed. They were bueatiful in certain lights. " Well as long as its not boring. I never understood why you stayed with the Order."

A wind blew through the courtyard as Phoenix squeezed onto denomollous' arm. She laid her head on his arm as she spoke. " And i never understood why you left the Order. You were our top hunter and very good at what you did" She breathed deeply and could smell the blood still on him. For some reason it had alwasy intoxicated her to smell blood on him.

Denomollous sighed " I was tired of being the Orders dog. I wanted more." He looked down at her laying on his arm. He could smell her fragrance as he took in teh sights and sounds of the night.

Phoenix looked up at denomollous and caught him looking back down at her. " What more did you really want Vincent? You had the job and the respect of every one, and had you wanted you would have even had...." She trailed off as she stared deep into his gray eyes.

Denomollous looked into thoses deep red eyes. " You haven't calld me that in years Anastasia. What else could i have had?"

Phoenix paused before she answer and thought better of it. " Nothing, i guess you had your reasons for leaving, but you could have at least told me." She looked down at the ground. She knew what she wanted to tell him, but she knew how he would react.

Denomollous looked at her quizzically but could not see her face. " I just was not happy at the Order i was tired of the stares for being what i am. No one accepted me there." He wondered intensely what it was she had to say but knew it was hopeless to try and ask her.

Phoenix felt a flurry of anger inside her. " No one?! I accepted you, I wanted you to stay. You can't even belive how sad i was when you left. It took me this long just to find you. You've become a bit of a recluse." She unhooked her arm adn stood in front of denomollous.

Denomollous was suprised with what he saw. A single tear started its trek down her cheek. Before it rolled all the way down he used the edge of his coat to wipe it away. " Why do you cry over some one such as me? Our dealings were never plesant and our past was pretty unplesant."

Phoenix looked in disbelife. " You don't get it do you. No of course you don't. You never did understand me or humans in general." She walked up and put her warm hands on the side of denomollous' cold face. " You may not feel warmth but i see more than jsut a vampire, I see a man, a good man when he wants to be. Your eyes show so much solitude and lonelyness, yet you will never admit that you are." Phoenix's hands dropped as she went to walk around denomollous and head back into the mansion.

Unwilling to jsut let that go Denomollous spun and caught Phoenix by her arm, and pulled her close. He stood ther elooking into phoenix's eyes which were now deep blue. He knew what he wanted and he wanted her, yet he couldn't voice it all he could do was stare into her eyes. Thoses eyes that had never once looked upon him with fear, or loathe, or disgust. They had always looked upon him with warmth and friendship and somethin gmore than he never belived was really there. Denomollous cupped Phoenix's chin as her eyes seemed to quiver. Turning her head to the side he caught a glimspe of her neck and felt his fangs start to grow. Pheonix noticed this almost instantly.

Phoenix spoke with trembling breath. "Do it, bite me. I've wanted it since i first met you, Fill your blood lust with me if it will make you finnally see how i truelly feel." She felt denomollous' fangs scrape against her skin and wondered as she felt him pull back.

Denomolous jerked back and covered his mouth with his hand. " No. I will not force my curse upon you. You know not of what you speak." He spun around to look at the moon as his fangs receeded back to there normal place.

Phoenix's voice trembled as she spoke. " Why not i know what i want! Why can't you just accept it Vincent?! Why can't you accept me and appreciate me?! You say i am only human, so turn me and let me......." She couldn't even finish as she turned back towards the mansion. The tears in Phoenix's eyes were not seen by Denomollous as she walked back.

As Denomollous stared up into the mood he wondered and spoke to no one in particular. " Its said that a Phoenixs' Tear can ingite a thousand fires and give re-birth to the very damned souls that walk the earth.

Phoenix headed towards the main front door as she grabbed her coat from the maid felicia. She slipped her hood back on as she stepped into her carraige. She knew she should have ran back and told him the truth, but fear of what would happen afterwards had won out. " Take us into town horseman."

The sound of cracking whips and horse shoes on the gravel let Denomollous know that Phoenix had left. He sighed gentally as he turned around to walk back into his home. Before he had even taken two steps the sound of a crossbow sounded and a wooden dart was shot into Denomollous' chest. The howl of pain could be heard well into town. As his maids rushed out to help him it was already to late, the damage had been done. With his last few remianing moments he regreted letting Phoenix go, But he had deserved his fate. as a curse vampire he could have never given her what she deserved much less what she wanted.

As denomollous laid there bleeding and his maids were gathered around him he bleed the last of his blood. He looked into the night sky one last time adn was surprised for the last time as he felt, even through the pain, a single tear trickle down his cheek. And with that Denomollous died......................
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THE prisioner [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:13 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The lights flickered as a large metal door creeked open. There was a smell of blood was thick in the air as four supply figures walked into the dimly lit room. In the center of the room was a tied up figure. One of the ladies spoke softly as she walked up to the figure.
"Wakey wakey. There will be no dying this time, your not that lucky." She stroked the figures chin.

The figure in the chair raised his head and looked around. He felt shocked to see that he was still alive. His chest ached with pain but it had seemed to be repaired. As h elookes up at his four captors he spoke softly. " H-how is it that i am still alive?"

The woman who had been stroking his chin laughed. " You didn't think we would really kill you, did you Denomollous? That show was expertly planned and executed." She walked back to join the others.

Denomollous' vision blurred as he tried to concentrate. He knew that voice from some where but he couldn't quiet place it. " So who is it that i have to thank for this.... gift?" He strained slightly against the bonds that held his hands.

The main woman spoke again. " How can you now remeber my voice lover? After all we spent so much time together." She sat down on another chair in the room smoothing out her dress and pulling up her felt elbow high gloves. Her eyes burned with a green fire as she stared at Denomollous. " You know who i am and you know who they are." She motioned to a Tall milky white woman with white hair and deep green eyes. Her dress only went knee length but her knee high black boots covered the rest. " This is mistress Liquid, queen of poisens" She motioned over To the next woman who stood in thigh high boots and a short skirt, her corsset which seemd to small to fit any one wrapped and hugged her body. Her hair was bright red matching her blood red eyes. Her entire outfit was deep shades of red matching her hair and eyes. " Here you have the seductive mistress of dark arts, Her bueaty is only surpassed by her assination skills. I give you Mistress De_roux" She motioned over to the third woman, who stood up on command and crossed her arms over her chest. Her long green dress flared as she stood. Her skin was as pale as the skin, and her glasses only seemed to take away from the deep blue eyes that hid behind them. Her hair was a forrest shade of green along with her robe which left alot to the imagination. " This conversativly clothed bueaty is the Amethyst angel, Expert on all that is arcane and magical. She knows spells that th ealmight gods don't even know." As she finished introducing the three ladies she turned back to Denomollous. " And last but not least there is I. Lady Iderah, Queen of the vampires. Every vampire alive today has my blood running through them. All of course, except... One."

Denomollous twitched in pain, his chest still throbbing. He had heard of them, all of them. They were the four rulling vampires of covenants. Each one had there own house but together all four of them rulled over most of the vampires. Sure there were some factions that do not adhear to the covenants rule but they were lefta lone as long as they did not cross any of these four. It was teh orders top priority to find these four and kill them. " What do you want with me? I'm not with teh order any more. Is your intellegence that far out of date?" Denomollous smiled weakly.

Ideah looked into denomollous' eyes. " Oh we know yoru retired, But we had trouble finding you. Had it not been for your little girl friend we might never have found you. " She chuckled and so did the other women, But we slipped the order some information and she snapped it right up to find you. After all we wanted to make sure." She grined and evil grin.

Denomollous strained some more. " So then why are you keeping me alive? I won't be of any use to you and no one will come looking for me. Your wasting your time and mine."

De_roux stepped up. " Ooooo let me have some time with him Iderah." She slid up and sat in Denomollous' lap. "I bet he will be real co-operative with us then." Her smile sent signals straight to Denomollous' loins. Normally he was not affected so easly but she had certain powers. Her skin was soft and her smell was intoxicating. As she bared her neck innocently Denomollous felt his fangs start to decend, even though he knew she was a vampire.

Iderah's eyes flasshed with jealousy and rage. " No De_roux he is to be interrogated, and if he gets nothing then hes to be killed." Her eyes changed to cold. Denomollous knew that icy stare, she had still not forgiven him.

Amethyst stepped forward, her voice soft but stern. " I can get it out of him, A few spells and he will tell us any thing we want to know." She glared right at Denomollous. They had met before to but He was not sure if the others knew about that. In fact he had met all but De_roux before, but wasn't sure if they had all shared there expirences. It might be the only thing that saves him.

Iderah turned to Amethyst " I leave it to you then. I want the information out of him but sundown. If not then he is all yours De_roux." She turned to leave and looked back at Denomollous one last time. As she left Amethyst followed her out and the Liquid.

De_roux leaned down and whispered into Denomollous's ear. " I know about yoru Trysts with the other 3, and quiet frankly i am currious. Make sure your nice and resist so i can get you all to my self." She punctuated it with with a bite to Denomollous' ear. With an exagerated swing o fthe hips the soft click of her hills was all tha twas heard as she left adn the large metal door was closed once again. The lights flicked off adn Denomollous started to plan his escape. Little did he know tha tthe next few days would be filled with his touture and his eventual death..............
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Last stand [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:12 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The door slammed behind me as i walked down the long hallway. My sword swayed on my hip as i felt my coat trail behind me. I quickened my pace as i heard banging on the front gates. I knew who it was and i knew what they were after. I watched as one of my maids ran up to me out of breath.

"Lord Hunter, the gates ahve been passed. There are hundreds out there. They are all storming the castle, Te guard is holding them off but they won't last long. No one knows where these people came from they jsu tapeared but i....." She gasped out.

I calmly looked at her as i interupted her wiht a finger on her lips. " I know who they are and i know what they want. Tell the guard to fend the attackers off, Then go and get all the maids and helpers out of here. Use the secret passage out, Tell the guard to retreat if they get to over whelmed." I turned from her and continued down the hall ending the conversation adn silencing any complaints she had. I knew exactly who was here. It was the Darkness, A secretive cult of female assassins. I have had many run ins with them befor ebut it seems this time they were serious. That would mean the attack on the front gate would be a distraction. Just as i thoguht that i felt glass fly over me as my window shattered and a form jumped in throguh it. The flash of metal brought my attention back to the present as i drew my sword. The figure raised up and stared right at me with eyes that burned with fire, Her long red hair drapped over her nakid shoulders. Her courset was as red as her hair and had a long tail coat on the back. Her boots were black and thigh high as they went up under a flowing skirt she wore.

My attention was snapped back to her face as she spoke. " So you thought you could aviod us forever. Silly Omega, The last of the Dark Reapers hidding out in such an illustrious castle and a lord at that." She stalked left and right keeping her sword ever ready.

I knew who she was. She was part of the Darkness, One of the better assassins. They called her Iderah and it was said she was as deadly as she was bueatiful. " So they sent you after me? How ironic, so to waht do i owe the pleasure Iderah." I assumed my stance as i saw her charge me on my left side. Our swords clashed in the dimely lit hall way. Cold snow dropped outside as the sounds of our swords were the onl thing tha tcould be heard. As i went down for an over head strike she rolled to teh side catching my side with a quick slash.

"Your getting rusty Omega, or should i say Hunter?" I watched as she looked at the blood on her sword lol.

My shirt filled with blood as i continued to hold my stance. "I'm not gettgin rusty Iderah it just seems that you might have actually gotten better. I might ahve to actually try now." I smirked as i looked into her enraged eyes.

"I'll show you!" She screamed as she charged me. Our battle raged on for what seemed like hours but was only mere minutes. She god sloppy as she got angryer. As she slipped to the side i slide past her for a shot at her underside. She tried to block but she was to slow. She raised her sword to try adn counter btu ti was to late my sword was in her chest percing straight through her and out of her back. " Y-you always did know t-t-the fastest way to my heart." She coughed up blood as her firery eyes dulled to a lifeless gray. I closed her eyes and laid her down on the floor. I had to hurry she couldn't have been the only one they sent. I continued my way to the throne room as the battle waged outside. The moon shone brightly through the stained glass windows. As i neared the doors of my throne room i heard a click behind me. I dodged quickly to the side as daggers flew by my head stabbing into the wood of the door. Two forms one in white and one in black.

The one in black spoke first. Her long dark hair covering a very voluptuous (sp?) frame. Her eyes were as dark as midnight. Her arms crossed righ tunder her chest brandishing some wicked looking daggers. Her skin was pale and flawless her low cut shirt and leather boots trailled all the way up untill they met each other. Her shorts were tight and had straps for more daggers. She spoke softly yet seductivly " Oh my my my, look what i found. The dark knight is doing so well for himself. And hes grown into such a younge stud with a castle full of bueatiful maids. Mabye i should be jealous what do you think Amethyst?"

The other woman brandished what looked liek a long whip. As she flicked it back it solidifyed into a sword. Her eyes were the deepest shade of purple. Like a pure amethyst stone. Her hair matched her eyes as did her nails and boots. Her long flowing white robe wraped aroudn her modestly. Her body matched the aspect of he rpartners in every comparision. "I don't know De Roux I think he was a fine boy before and now hes a fine man." I watched as she looked me over carefully.

De Roux look over me apraisingly. " Its almost a shame we have to kill him don't you think Amethyst."

Amethyst nodded silently." Of course De Roux." As she finished speaking i watche das Amethyst lept towards me with her sword forward. I knew teh style she was using. I had crossed paths with Amethsyt before in fact i had taught her this style of sword fighting. I knew thi swould no tbe easy as i raise my sword in defense. As our swords clashed Deroux jsut stood by and did nothing. Amethyst's blows were quick and percise just as i had taught her. It was all i coudl do to defend agasint her strikes. As i got turned around i heared teh click of De Roux's heals click and knew she was joining the battle. I pushed Amethyst back and turned to deal with Deroux deflecting her daggers with my sword. I watched carfully as she twirled her daggers, I raised my sword behidn me to block Amethysts attack. De Roux use this opertunity to throw two of her daggers. I had t omake a split second descision. I Quickly slid ebhind amethist grabbing her sword arm and bending it back wards. The daggers jsut narrowly missed me and slammed into amethyst. De Roux screamed in rage as i slipped amethyst's sword from her hand. My movements were quick as i deflected more daggers with teh two swords no win my possesion. I watched as De Roux gasped as i stabbed my sword into her side. She had no chance to retaliate as i pressed the button on Amethyst's chain sword grabbing it and twirling i taroudn De Roux's neck. She screamed as i clicked teh button again straightining teh sword and slicing deep into her neck. As i turned to leave with one final ounce of energy she flung two more daggers into my back peircing right between ym shoulderblades. De Roux smiled in satisfaction as her bueatiful body dropped unto the floor death. I ripped the daggers out of my back adn continued into teh thrown room. What i saw in there didn't surprise me in the least. As i walked in two more women were waiting for me. On was tale and pale. Her long white hair could ahve ment it was only one person..... Liquid. Her eyes were a deep green but seemed to burn with firey pasion. That would amke the person next her her Elyndria. Liquids younger sister. I had known both of them before they had joined the Darkness.

I watched Liquid stand up from my throne and draw her sword form her hip. Elyndrias staff was in her hand as she stood next to her sister. " Its been a while Hunter...."

The cuts on my body didn't stop me from behing polite " Hello Liquid, last time i heard you were dead. And who can forget the lovely Elyndria. Still tagging along with yoru sister i see."

Elyndria said nothing as Liquid spoke again. " Reports of my death are greatly overexageratted. As it seems are the reports of yours, I shall have to fix that"

I retook my sword stance " You shall try Liquid." With that her and her sister charged me. The blows were quick as i tried to defend against her and her sister both at once. As i parried one of Liquids blows Elyndria caught me with her staff in my ribs. As i ducked from teh blow Liquid caught my across teh back wiht her sword. I dropped and rolled jumping up to keep both of them on one side of me. As liquid charged me again i blocked her Kicking Elyndria back as she tried to charge me. I knew i couldn't keep this up for to much longer. As liquid came in fo ranohter strike i side stepped her graqbing her thrusting arm adn pushing her forward to meet her on comming sister. Her sister was surprise as Liquids sword pierced her chest. Before liquid could react my sword clashed stabbing her throguh her heart..

Liquid looked into my eyes with thoses deep green eyes and i knew that she didn't really want to kill me. Her lips trembled as she spoke. " I-I l-love you...." I kisses her lips as i watched the life fade from her eyes.

I stood up shakily and dragged my sword as i turned an dlooked at every thing that had happened. As i sat down in my throne i heard the impending baning of the soldiers of teh Darkness forcing there way into my castle. I had killed every woman i had ever known and now i would lose every thing. My castle the family and friends i had acumulated. At least they were safe, at least they had gotten out. And now i woudl die here on my throne and empty king in an empty castle.

I my body went numb as i felt a sword pierce through my chest impailing me throguh my throne. I coughed up blood as i looked aroudn and saw no attacker. I was surprised as i saw a form walk around form behind me. It was one of my maids. th eone i had spoken to before this had all started.

"P-phoenix? W-why?" i coudl barely talk as i watched my life force drain away.

She grinned and smilled. " Do you really have to ask Omega? You are the last of the Dark Reapers that were formerly in my employ. Alpha through Theta have been killed and your the last one." She laughed evily.

It was only then that it washed over over. " Y-you... y-your Darkness?!"

Her eyes burned with victory, as she clapped slowly " Very good Omega. You finnaly figured it out. After 5 years, i guess death gives a certain revelation. In fact i shoudl be thanking you you did all my work for me. You got rid of the rest of the assassins for me. They were getting more and more powerful and they might have killed me before long."

I had had enoguh i wasn't going to let her get away with this. As i raised up off the sword adn gripped my sword tighter i saw her shocked face. " I... Won't .... Let... You.... Win.." But i had had it... ther ewas no more life in me. As i stepped down off my throne i dropped to my knees. This was it this was how the Dark Reapers were going to end. Done in by a woman i trusted with my entire castle. A fitting end as any, My life flashed before my as as the lif eleft my body. I had killed every one i had ever loved and then been killed by one who i had thought had feelings for me. Ironic no? I felt a tear roll downmy cheeck and in that tear was th elast of my life. I fell forward my eyes going lifeless as the last o fmy blood poored out onto the floor. What happened next i can only speculate. Darkness took over my throne and my lands. Extending her reach all across the grater plains, seeing as there was no one to stop her now. And so ends the life o fa great warrior. Done in by one he trusted but only after he had to kill every one he had ever loved......................
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The last warrior [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:11 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The wind howled over teh planes as torn flags whipped in th ewind. Dead bodies laid strewn all over the place. Swords, spears, knives,Arrows, an dall sorts of weapons and devices laid on teh ground and in the peopels bodies. As i looked around i saw no one survivved but me. My sword dragged against the ground as i made my way through teh bodies. My long sword dripped with te hblood of my enimies and allys alike. My own hands stained with teh blood of hundreds. 4 long years i have fought this war. 4 long years and having killed THOUSANDS and it was finanly over. But at what cost, cities, villiages, towns every thign destroyed. I made my way to the cliffs near th ebattle field as the flashbacks started comming to me. Over teh past four years i have killed and destroyed every one i ever held dear. For my "war" i killed my friends i killed my family i killed my loved ones. In the end i rule nothing but destroyed lands. The wind was cold and peircing i coudl feel it through my blood smeared armor. I remeber the person who sent me off on my war... She was Known as Iderah and she was my most trusted person. We had fallin in love and she had betrayed me. Thats when i started my war i decided that if i wasn't goign to be happy then no one else would be. I started with random countries little conquests as i built my armies. I built my luitenits and had almost forgotten abotu Iderah untill i encountered the woman who i would make my second in command. Her Name had been Liquid. She became My most trusted advisor. We went on and had many victories with me but she was to much liek me to serve me. Eventually she revolted and tried to turn my own troops agasint me. We fought for a while bu ti evnetualyl destroyed her. It wasn't till later ifound out she was pergnant with my son. She told me as our blades finished locking adn i stapped her in the stomache. I watched as she bleed to death and her stomache stopped moving having had stabbed ym son to. I chrushed her rebellion bu ti was broken. I had lost the taste for war bu ti coudl not stop. I want to make every one feel horrible. I was sick of peopel slife. I was sick of peopel ingoring me untill they wanted to use me. But thats ok with my army i was indistrictible. More wars and thousands killed later i was closing. The final battle had been against The amazons of the river. A tribe of huntress warriors. I had alwasy had issues with women so i had saved them for last. But now it was over. As i looked up i saw the cliff edge. I made my way up thinking about my past. I had never gotten to destroy Iderah thoguht her forces fought mine time and time again. Thousands of warriors hundredes of captians constant battles but now it was over. my body was to tired to carry on. My kingdome was complete but at what cost.... My humanity? My sanity? I had betrayed and killed every one who had ever trusted me. And for what point? To what extent? It was all over every one was dead. The only one left was me. What peopel was i supoused to rule over. Is this what iderah had hadin mind when she sent me off on my war? As i neared the top of the cliff i looked down at the deep blue ocean. The waves crashed agaisnst the rocks below. This is ho wi woudl end it. I had been betrayed. I had loved and been lost. I have killed and in a sense been killed. As i looked down into the ocean thoguhts filled my head paths yet not takin paths that could be takin. It dosen't matter this was the end. I didn't want to live with this any more the blood shed must end.

"What are you going to do younge Reaper?" Came a musical voice from thin air. The very sound of it froze the air.

"What magic is this. Show your self so i may slay you."

"Always so belligernt even to thoses who want to help" The voice came from a cloud that seemed to condense from no where to form the most lovely woman i had ever seen.

"What do you want vile Witch?" I was very short tempteed and had no time for tricks

She scoffed " If i was a mere witch i would not be here trying to save you. I am a goddess. I am the Amethyst Goddess. Mistress of desire, lust, and Mother to all creatures on the planet"

I stabbed my sword into the ground as i looked at this supoused goddess " And you expect me to belive this. So yoru a goddess what do you want with me?"

"You have yet to complete yoru destiny. You have lots to do before you die" She seemed to hover in the air as she moved behind me

"I know my destiny and i am done with it. I am going to end it right now." I took a couple steps towards the cliff

She looked almost panicked" Wait younge Reaper, do not be hasty good things will come to you if you live."

I stoped and turned to look at her " I've had my fill of the "goodness of life" and i am ready to leave it"

"Things get better younge one belive me for i know the future"

I turned back around and started walking towards the cliff. " If you were really a goddess you would be able to stop me so why are you debating this with me"

She sighed heavily "You are outside our ring of influence. You have no straight line of destiny you are not bound by the wheel of fate"

"Ha if i have no destiny then how do you know what i will do?" I was pretty skepticle of the whole thing

"We know your ripples, we know what you might do."

"We who is this the we?"

"The other gods and goddesses"

"Ah and cause they say so i am suposued to stay alive like i ahve some great task to complete"

"Yes you must stop an invasion of underworld forces"

I moved back towards teh cliff " I don't care My fight in this world is done"

She stayed her her distance but made sure to keep close " But you don't understand the world will be destroyed"

I scoffed " And i should care? I've killed every one i've ever loved i've killed my own SON befor ehe was even born. I've killed my family and my friends. And i'm supoused to save this pitful world or even want to?"

"So because of a few wrong sin your life your going to let the entire world be destroyed?"

"I owe this world nothing i've destroyed most of it yoru a goddess you do something about it"


I didn't even let her finish " No more words woman goddess. If your mission was to get me nto to die then you failed"

As i spoke thoses words i leaned and fell of the edge of the cliff. I heard her shriek of terror and the mountians behind me froze solid. As i neared teh bottom of the clif my life flashed before my eyes. I felt nothing as i hit the rocks and fell into the deep blue ocean. Finnally... Realse no mor enight more no more haunting.

Back up on the top of the clif The Amethyst goddess looked in hornor as she watched The young warrior Reaper hit the rocks and plunge into the dark depths below. She knew he was dead she knew tha tif he had lept he would have died . She didn't know what she was going to do now. She stood and cried Purple tears of amethyst. The gems fell into the ocean as she turned away to walk the bloddied battle field. Her Tears created more gems adn her sobes froze the winds around her. Her dresse never once touchign the ground to being soiled. As she walked through she thought of what woudl become of the earth. The immortals couldn't defend the earth this time and no no one could...............
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