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THE prisioner [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:13 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The lights flickered as a large metal door creeked open. There was a smell of blood was thick in the air as four supply figures walked into the dimly lit room. In the center of the room was a tied up figure. One of the ladies spoke softly as she walked up to the figure.
"Wakey wakey. There will be no dying this time, your not that lucky." She stroked the figures chin.

The figure in the chair raised his head and looked around. He felt shocked to see that he was still alive. His chest ached with pain but it had seemed to be repaired. As h elookes up at his four captors he spoke softly. " H-how is it that i am still alive?"

The woman who had been stroking his chin laughed. " You didn't think we would really kill you, did you Denomollous? That show was expertly planned and executed." She walked back to join the others.

Denomollous' vision blurred as he tried to concentrate. He knew that voice from some where but he couldn't quiet place it. " So who is it that i have to thank for this.... gift?" He strained slightly against the bonds that held his hands.

The main woman spoke again. " How can you now remeber my voice lover? After all we spent so much time together." She sat down on another chair in the room smoothing out her dress and pulling up her felt elbow high gloves. Her eyes burned with a green fire as she stared at Denomollous. " You know who i am and you know who they are." She motioned to a Tall milky white woman with white hair and deep green eyes. Her dress only went knee length but her knee high black boots covered the rest. " This is mistress Liquid, queen of poisens" She motioned over To the next woman who stood in thigh high boots and a short skirt, her corsset which seemd to small to fit any one wrapped and hugged her body. Her hair was bright red matching her blood red eyes. Her entire outfit was deep shades of red matching her hair and eyes. " Here you have the seductive mistress of dark arts, Her bueaty is only surpassed by her assination skills. I give you Mistress De_roux" She motioned over to the third woman, who stood up on command and crossed her arms over her chest. Her long green dress flared as she stood. Her skin was as pale as the skin, and her glasses only seemed to take away from the deep blue eyes that hid behind them. Her hair was a forrest shade of green along with her robe which left alot to the imagination. " This conversativly clothed bueaty is the Amethyst angel, Expert on all that is arcane and magical. She knows spells that th ealmight gods don't even know." As she finished introducing the three ladies she turned back to Denomollous. " And last but not least there is I. Lady Iderah, Queen of the vampires. Every vampire alive today has my blood running through them. All of course, except... One."

Denomollous twitched in pain, his chest still throbbing. He had heard of them, all of them. They were the four rulling vampires of covenants. Each one had there own house but together all four of them rulled over most of the vampires. Sure there were some factions that do not adhear to the covenants rule but they were lefta lone as long as they did not cross any of these four. It was teh orders top priority to find these four and kill them. " What do you want with me? I'm not with teh order any more. Is your intellegence that far out of date?" Denomollous smiled weakly.

Ideah looked into denomollous' eyes. " Oh we know yoru retired, But we had trouble finding you. Had it not been for your little girl friend we might never have found you. " She chuckled and so did the other women, But we slipped the order some information and she snapped it right up to find you. After all we wanted to make sure." She grined and evil grin.

Denomollous strained some more. " So then why are you keeping me alive? I won't be of any use to you and no one will come looking for me. Your wasting your time and mine."

De_roux stepped up. " Ooooo let me have some time with him Iderah." She slid up and sat in Denomollous' lap. "I bet he will be real co-operative with us then." Her smile sent signals straight to Denomollous' loins. Normally he was not affected so easly but she had certain powers. Her skin was soft and her smell was intoxicating. As she bared her neck innocently Denomollous felt his fangs start to decend, even though he knew she was a vampire.

Iderah's eyes flasshed with jealousy and rage. " No De_roux he is to be interrogated, and if he gets nothing then hes to be killed." Her eyes changed to cold. Denomollous knew that icy stare, she had still not forgiven him.

Amethyst stepped forward, her voice soft but stern. " I can get it out of him, A few spells and he will tell us any thing we want to know." She glared right at Denomollous. They had met before to but He was not sure if the others knew about that. In fact he had met all but De_roux before, but wasn't sure if they had all shared there expirences. It might be the only thing that saves him.

Iderah turned to Amethyst " I leave it to you then. I want the information out of him but sundown. If not then he is all yours De_roux." She turned to leave and looked back at Denomollous one last time. As she left Amethyst followed her out and the Liquid.

De_roux leaned down and whispered into Denomollous's ear. " I know about yoru Trysts with the other 3, and quiet frankly i am currious. Make sure your nice and resist so i can get you all to my self." She punctuated it with with a bite to Denomollous' ear. With an exagerated swing o fthe hips the soft click of her hills was all tha twas heard as she left adn the large metal door was closed once again. The lights flicked off adn Denomollous started to plan his escape. Little did he know tha tthe next few days would be filled with his touture and his eventual death..............

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