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Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.

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Last stand [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:12 pm]
Stories written by DarkReaperOmega.
The door slammed behind me as i walked down the long hallway. My sword swayed on my hip as i felt my coat trail behind me. I quickened my pace as i heard banging on the front gates. I knew who it was and i knew what they were after. I watched as one of my maids ran up to me out of breath.

"Lord Hunter, the gates ahve been passed. There are hundreds out there. They are all storming the castle, Te guard is holding them off but they won't last long. No one knows where these people came from they jsu tapeared but i....." She gasped out.

I calmly looked at her as i interupted her wiht a finger on her lips. " I know who they are and i know what they want. Tell the guard to fend the attackers off, Then go and get all the maids and helpers out of here. Use the secret passage out, Tell the guard to retreat if they get to over whelmed." I turned from her and continued down the hall ending the conversation adn silencing any complaints she had. I knew exactly who was here. It was the Darkness, A secretive cult of female assassins. I have had many run ins with them befor ebut it seems this time they were serious. That would mean the attack on the front gate would be a distraction. Just as i thoguht that i felt glass fly over me as my window shattered and a form jumped in throguh it. The flash of metal brought my attention back to the present as i drew my sword. The figure raised up and stared right at me with eyes that burned with fire, Her long red hair drapped over her nakid shoulders. Her courset was as red as her hair and had a long tail coat on the back. Her boots were black and thigh high as they went up under a flowing skirt she wore.

My attention was snapped back to her face as she spoke. " So you thought you could aviod us forever. Silly Omega, The last of the Dark Reapers hidding out in such an illustrious castle and a lord at that." She stalked left and right keeping her sword ever ready.

I knew who she was. She was part of the Darkness, One of the better assassins. They called her Iderah and it was said she was as deadly as she was bueatiful. " So they sent you after me? How ironic, so to waht do i owe the pleasure Iderah." I assumed my stance as i saw her charge me on my left side. Our swords clashed in the dimely lit hall way. Cold snow dropped outside as the sounds of our swords were the onl thing tha tcould be heard. As i went down for an over head strike she rolled to teh side catching my side with a quick slash.

"Your getting rusty Omega, or should i say Hunter?" I watched as she looked at the blood on her sword lol.

My shirt filled with blood as i continued to hold my stance. "I'm not gettgin rusty Iderah it just seems that you might have actually gotten better. I might ahve to actually try now." I smirked as i looked into her enraged eyes.

"I'll show you!" She screamed as she charged me. Our battle raged on for what seemed like hours but was only mere minutes. She god sloppy as she got angryer. As she slipped to the side i slide past her for a shot at her underside. She tried to block but she was to slow. She raised her sword to try adn counter btu ti was to late my sword was in her chest percing straight through her and out of her back. " Y-you always did know t-t-the fastest way to my heart." She coughed up blood as her firery eyes dulled to a lifeless gray. I closed her eyes and laid her down on the floor. I had to hurry she couldn't have been the only one they sent. I continued my way to the throne room as the battle waged outside. The moon shone brightly through the stained glass windows. As i neared the doors of my throne room i heard a click behind me. I dodged quickly to the side as daggers flew by my head stabbing into the wood of the door. Two forms one in white and one in black.

The one in black spoke first. Her long dark hair covering a very voluptuous (sp?) frame. Her eyes were as dark as midnight. Her arms crossed righ tunder her chest brandishing some wicked looking daggers. Her skin was pale and flawless her low cut shirt and leather boots trailled all the way up untill they met each other. Her shorts were tight and had straps for more daggers. She spoke softly yet seductivly " Oh my my my, look what i found. The dark knight is doing so well for himself. And hes grown into such a younge stud with a castle full of bueatiful maids. Mabye i should be jealous what do you think Amethyst?"

The other woman brandished what looked liek a long whip. As she flicked it back it solidifyed into a sword. Her eyes were the deepest shade of purple. Like a pure amethyst stone. Her hair matched her eyes as did her nails and boots. Her long flowing white robe wraped aroudn her modestly. Her body matched the aspect of he rpartners in every comparision. "I don't know De Roux I think he was a fine boy before and now hes a fine man." I watched as she looked me over carefully.

De Roux look over me apraisingly. " Its almost a shame we have to kill him don't you think Amethyst."

Amethyst nodded silently." Of course De Roux." As she finished speaking i watche das Amethyst lept towards me with her sword forward. I knew teh style she was using. I had crossed paths with Amethsyt before in fact i had taught her this style of sword fighting. I knew thi swould no tbe easy as i raise my sword in defense. As our swords clashed Deroux jsut stood by and did nothing. Amethyst's blows were quick and percise just as i had taught her. It was all i coudl do to defend agasint her strikes. As i got turned around i heared teh click of De Roux's heals click and knew she was joining the battle. I pushed Amethyst back and turned to deal with Deroux deflecting her daggers with my sword. I watched carfully as she twirled her daggers, I raised my sword behidn me to block Amethysts attack. De Roux use this opertunity to throw two of her daggers. I had t omake a split second descision. I Quickly slid ebhind amethist grabbing her sword arm and bending it back wards. The daggers jsut narrowly missed me and slammed into amethyst. De Roux screamed in rage as i slipped amethyst's sword from her hand. My movements were quick as i deflected more daggers with teh two swords no win my possesion. I watched as De Roux gasped as i stabbed my sword into her side. She had no chance to retaliate as i pressed the button on Amethyst's chain sword grabbing it and twirling i taroudn De Roux's neck. She screamed as i clicked teh button again straightining teh sword and slicing deep into her neck. As i turned to leave with one final ounce of energy she flung two more daggers into my back peircing right between ym shoulderblades. De Roux smiled in satisfaction as her bueatiful body dropped unto the floor death. I ripped the daggers out of my back adn continued into teh thrown room. What i saw in there didn't surprise me in the least. As i walked in two more women were waiting for me. On was tale and pale. Her long white hair could ahve ment it was only one person..... Liquid. Her eyes were a deep green but seemed to burn with firey pasion. That would amke the person next her her Elyndria. Liquids younger sister. I had known both of them before they had joined the Darkness.

I watched Liquid stand up from my throne and draw her sword form her hip. Elyndrias staff was in her hand as she stood next to her sister. " Its been a while Hunter...."

The cuts on my body didn't stop me from behing polite " Hello Liquid, last time i heard you were dead. And who can forget the lovely Elyndria. Still tagging along with yoru sister i see."

Elyndria said nothing as Liquid spoke again. " Reports of my death are greatly overexageratted. As it seems are the reports of yours, I shall have to fix that"

I retook my sword stance " You shall try Liquid." With that her and her sister charged me. The blows were quick as i tried to defend against her and her sister both at once. As i parried one of Liquids blows Elyndria caught me with her staff in my ribs. As i ducked from teh blow Liquid caught my across teh back wiht her sword. I dropped and rolled jumping up to keep both of them on one side of me. As liquid charged me again i blocked her Kicking Elyndria back as she tried to charge me. I knew i couldn't keep this up for to much longer. As liquid came in fo ranohter strike i side stepped her graqbing her thrusting arm adn pushing her forward to meet her on comming sister. Her sister was surprise as Liquids sword pierced her chest. Before liquid could react my sword clashed stabbing her throguh her heart..

Liquid looked into my eyes with thoses deep green eyes and i knew that she didn't really want to kill me. Her lips trembled as she spoke. " I-I l-love you...." I kisses her lips as i watched the life fade from her eyes.

I stood up shakily and dragged my sword as i turned an dlooked at every thing that had happened. As i sat down in my throne i heard the impending baning of the soldiers of teh Darkness forcing there way into my castle. I had killed every woman i had ever known and now i would lose every thing. My castle the family and friends i had acumulated. At least they were safe, at least they had gotten out. And now i woudl die here on my throne and empty king in an empty castle.

I my body went numb as i felt a sword pierce through my chest impailing me throguh my throne. I coughed up blood as i looked aroudn and saw no attacker. I was surprised as i saw a form walk around form behind me. It was one of my maids. th eone i had spoken to before this had all started.

"P-phoenix? W-why?" i coudl barely talk as i watched my life force drain away.

She grinned and smilled. " Do you really have to ask Omega? You are the last of the Dark Reapers that were formerly in my employ. Alpha through Theta have been killed and your the last one." She laughed evily.

It was only then that it washed over over. " Y-you... y-your Darkness?!"

Her eyes burned with victory, as she clapped slowly " Very good Omega. You finnaly figured it out. After 5 years, i guess death gives a certain revelation. In fact i shoudl be thanking you you did all my work for me. You got rid of the rest of the assassins for me. They were getting more and more powerful and they might have killed me before long."

I had had enoguh i wasn't going to let her get away with this. As i raised up off the sword adn gripped my sword tighter i saw her shocked face. " I... Won't .... Let... You.... Win.." But i had had it... ther ewas no more life in me. As i stepped down off my throne i dropped to my knees. This was it this was how the Dark Reapers were going to end. Done in by a woman i trusted with my entire castle. A fitting end as any, My life flashed before my as as the lif eleft my body. I had killed every one i had ever loved and then been killed by one who i had thought had feelings for me. Ironic no? I felt a tear roll downmy cheeck and in that tear was th elast of my life. I fell forward my eyes going lifeless as the last o fmy blood poored out onto the floor. What happened next i can only speculate. Darkness took over my throne and my lands. Extending her reach all across the grater plains, seeing as there was no one to stop her now. And so ends the life o fa great warrior. Done in by one he trusted but only after he had to kill every one he had ever loved......................

[User Picture]From: cherrybomb70
2007-02-03 11:55 pm (UTC)
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From: darkreaperomega
2007-02-04 08:03 am (UTC)
you are but in that death you are as bueatiful if not more than you were when you were alive
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From: darkreaperomega
2007-02-05 07:52 pm (UTC)
the point of the story is i am the last Dark Reaper jsut cause she killed the others dosen't mean that cause i am th eomega that i should hav ebeen killed after Theta
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